Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walking with Manilow

I've started an exercise regimen. It involves walking on a treadmill, which is a very boring task for me. I'm not one to only do one task at a time. I'm a multi-tasker to the core. My daughter tells me it's not good for your brain, but I can't help myself. I'm always thinking of something else I could be doing other than exercising. So I figured why not incorporate exercise and Manilow. At least I'll get some enjoyment listening to the songs while I'm providing a much-needed cardio workout for my body.

Now, which songs to pick? While I LOVE 2AM Paradise Cafe, that's not an album that gets my blood pumping. It's more of an album to snuggle on the couch with in front of the fire or lie in bed at night and drift off to sleep to those mellow sounds. Here at the Mayflower has some heart pumping selections, but when I come to I Miss You I lose it and shut down. So listening to the entire album would not be exercise motivation. But...since I'm a fan and have an extensive collection of Manilow albums, why not make a "mix" CD? Just like my friend Denise does when she DJ's for people. So here's my all new Exercising with Manilow Mix. (hmmm...another great market for Stiletto)

  • Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed
  • Dancin' in the Aisles
  • I'm Your Man
  • Dancin' Fool
  • I Wanna Do it with You
  • Some Girls
  • Break Down the Door
  • Islands in the Stream
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Big Fun
  • Come Monday
  • They Dance
  • Turn the Radio Up

Those are my favs. What about you? Do you have some Manilow songs you like to exercise to? I'd love to add them to my mix CD!

Off to walk a mile with Manilow,
Texas Fan


Crissy said...

1. New York City Rhythm

2. Jump Shout Boogie

3. Freddie Said

4. Let's Hang On

5. It's A Miracle

6. What's A Nice Boy Like Me

7. Riders To The Stars

8. Beautiful Music

9. Flashy Lady

10. Copacabana

11. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Not all of these are my favorites, and I don't exercise to music being more of a Sweatin To The Oldies kind of girl, but if I were to make a cd of good heart pumping music, those are the ones I'd choose.


texas_fan said...

Thanks Crystal. Those are great suggestions. I love Flashy Lady and what about Bobbie Lee? That would be a good one too!

Crissy said...

Glad you liked them and I knew I was forgetting at least one more song.


Ainsworthe1 said...

How about adding "In Search of Love" and "Wild Places"? "Talk To Me" is pretty good too!

Cynthia xxoo

texas_fan said...

Thanks Cynthia. Some other good choices. I have enough songs now to walk for hours...perhaps I'll eventually do a marathon!

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