Thursday, May 21, 2009

Manilow Fans are Everywhere!

After numerous discussions over the last few days with friends about the "official" Manilow portals online, I thought it might be nice to mention some other places where fans meet and are having a BLAST getting to know one another.

Believe it or not Facebook is crawling with Manilow fans. It's easy enough to set up your own page and start conversing with them. Just click on my Facebook link to the right of this post, and my connection will take you to other fans too!

Yes. Fans are still on MySpace as well. It's more of a "bling" place, but if you like decorating your page, etc., that's the place for you. You can click on my MySpace link to the right of this post, and my connection will lead you to more fans as well.

Other Ning Networks
There are numerous Ning networks set up by fans other than the official one. Do a search on Ning and you'll find them. Here's one in particular that I'm a member of. Check it out:
Manilow Music and Passion Ning Group

Yahoo Groups
Manilow groups abound on Yahoo groups. There is even a Manilow prayer group run by Pat Mott. I know I'm a member of several of them but today I'm spotlighting this one:
Manilow Music and Passion Yahoo Group

"Local" Fan Club Sites
You can find these through groups on the MMN or through the local fan club links on the Barrynet. I'm partial to this one (since I created the website and shared in creation of the fan club)
I Am Your Child BMFC-Manilow Canada

I personally enjoy communicating with other fans on their fan blogs. I've listed my favorites on the right, but today I'm spotlighting Moonstone's blog since she ALWAYS has the latest and greatest Manilow news posted:
Shadows of Manilow

Yes. Manilow fans are on Twitter. If you haven't found us, you can find me there and check out who I'm following. You can see my Twitter feed on the right of this blog as well.
Texas Fan

If the "official" networks aren't your cup of tea, you can check some of these out and join in on the fun.

See you in cyberworld!
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

What a good idea, sometimes other fans think the network and Bnet are all there is.

Micks said...

Bless your heart for joining my little group and network... and for posting the links here on your blog.
I don't care what anyone else says... Manilow friends are the BEST friends!

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