Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'll Take Your Cause...

The 70's CD has practically taken over my office the last week. I've listening to all the songs on it throughout each day, discovering little gems within each song: chord changes, hidden notes from other familiar songs, lyrics I had never listened to before and quite honestly, a newfound respect for the man who recorded them.

There is a recurring theme throughout the songs that hits you like a ton of bricks if you take the time to "listen". And when I did listen, I heard that theme: friendship. The first song that slams that point home is "Bridge Over Troubled Water". The lyrics in this song are inspiring...I'll take your part, when darkness comes, and friends just can't be found...if you need a friend I'm sailing right a bridge over troubled water....I will ease your mind.

This has been a week of causes for me. I've had to wrestle with some difficult choices, knowing it was the right thing to do. I've had to ask some tough questions and evaluate the depth and commitment I had for a friend. Sometimes standing up for what you believe means taking on the cause of a friend because they have been hurt or feel strongly about the particular cause. Being a true friend means that although you may not completely understand the cause, you can support your friend's right to believe in that cause. I experienced that support this week first hand and gave it myself to someone I care very deeply about. I didnt' particularly understand the cause, but I knew it meant something to them.

So I guess what I'm wanting to say is that being a friend sometimes means you have to take up a cause that you may not agree with, but you know is important to that friend. And doing it for them, standing on their side, taking up their cause, and "cheering them on from the balcony" lets them know that you care.

For my friend who cheers me on and takes up my causes and for that person who took up a cause and caught a ton of flack for it, I am grateful, proud and humbled.

Thanks guys for being my inspiration,
Texas Fanilow

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