Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The White Shirt

Tonight, I wanted to address the issue of the "white shirt". I know...quite a deference from my usual deep thoughts of music and passion. But humor me. Anyway. I first saw it on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. And now it turns up in a publicity photo. So...I wanted to say that I'm liking the white shirt. He looks 10 years younger in it ( might be more than the shirt), but the shirt gives me a feeling of lightheartedness that the black just doesn't seem to do.

So tonight, I'd like to add my kudos to Barry for branching away from the norm and trying something different. Who knows. Maybe it's representative of the new joy he seems to have on stage lately. Whatever the reason, it's a home run. I'm a fan of the black myself, but I have to say...the white shirt has made a believer out of me.

Thanks Barry for strutting your stuff again,
Texas Fanilow (??Manilover??)

P.S. Congrats Barry for debuting your 70's album at #4 on the charts. Way to go!

1 comment:

moonstone said...

I agree with u, love that crisp, white dress shirt! I just can't understand why TPTB didn't put this one on the darn cover! Seems they always put the great pictures inside. Remember his last album, and that GREAT pic of him in the black leather jacket? Oh yes!


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