Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's been a helluva day...

One of my favorite movies, "Chorus Line" ends with these words, "It's been a helluva day.." And lately that seems to be my comment as I head off to bed. After all the posts on the Bnet, the media comments and quips, the exhausting emails and online conversations, calls from my family to ask me if I heard about the latest conflict with Barry....those are the only words that seemed appropriate.

And then I tuned in to The Colbert Report and Barry...as always...made me remember why I love this man. He made me smile. He made me laugh at all the JUNK that has gone on because he put it all into perspective on that show. "I'll just hang out here for awhile. I got nothing to do I was bumped from The View..." And then Colbert says it all at the end of the skit...MANILOW!!!!!!

I hope we can all get up tomorrow and smile again. Take a deep breath and remember that Barry is still Barry, the 70's CD is still as moving as ever, and as fans of this man we all have the same thing in common...we love the music.

Thanks Barry...it's been a helluva day!
Texas Fanilow

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