Monday, September 17, 2007

I've Had it Up to Here...

I would like to know where people come off telling other people what Mr. Manilow would or woud not like? What gives them the right to say that he wouldn't like in depth discussion of his songs and the lyrics? And when did they get the privilege of dictating the topics on the Bnet message board? I recall having to stomach a huge dose of leather and flip books and was told to "skip over" the posts. Lately it has been some vague reference to a "moose" of some unknown origin. Let me just say...perhaps they should follow their own advice.

And while I'm at it...what gives people the right to blast other people on their fan club websites and on their group message boards? Whatever happened to "be nice" in the Manilow world. And how can those same people claim relationships with Barry that don't exist and lie and steal from other fans? It baffles my mind.

I think they need a huge dose of the 70's CD...taken with some understanding and some compassion. They would do well to perhaps actually READ some of those posts they are complaining about. And actually take to heart some of the words of the songs Barry just recorded.

Shame on all of them for not following the example of the man they say they care about.
Texas Fanilow

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