Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Love Letter

The long awaited "Greatest Songs of the 70's" has landed in the hands of the lucky fans that attended the recent shows in Philly and Boston. After an emotional concert in Philly, my friends and I popped it into the car stereo to listen to it on our way home. As we heard each song, we found ourselves saying, "that one was good"...."wow, that's even better"..."boy, he sure outdid himself with that one". It was a late night and the mellow tones of the CD were not the best to be listening to while driving. When it was over, we commented how great it was and didn't give it another thought for the rest of the evening.

The next morning we checked out of our motel and headed out to the airport, which was about an hour from where we spent the night. We put the CD back into the car stereo and this time we LISTENED. We listened to the words and him singing the words and cried for one solid hour in the car. Not so much tears of sadness, but tears realizing the message that came through loud and clear. It was a love letter from Barry...pure and simple. He hand-picked every one of the songs and the meanings in each of them pricked our hearts deeply.

When you get your hands...and I say WHEN...on this CD, listen to the words of every one of those songs. Listen to him singing those words. Listen to the message in this "love letter". You will never be the same.

Awe struck.
Texas Fanilow

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