Monday, September 17, 2007

The View

Today has been a red-letter day in the Manilow world. His first appearance of the media blitz on the Today Show, culminating with a Hotline Message announcing he would not be appearing on The View tomorrow due to conflict with one of the hosts, Elisabeth Hasselback.

While the battle rages on the message boards and within the many online groups, I don't wish to add my political views to the already volatial quagmire of opinion. I will say that it only served to dredge up an already sensitive subject in this country, and cause the party lines to once again be drawn again over the war in Iraq. It fueled a fire on the online news boards, with The View calling Barry a "liar" and saying it was their decision to not have him on the show tomorrow.

A wise person once said--"We aren't the divided states of America, we are the United States of America". I respect Barry's right to make the decision he made. I think it's about time all of us in this country learn some tolerance for other people's opinions and try and find some common ground to draw us together.

It's a shame that a friendship (though maybe strained) between Rosie and Elisabeth ended over political beliefs. It's a shame that families are torn apart over these issues. And it's a shame that the message of the 70's CD has now been jaded by the partisan debate that seems to never end in this country.

What the world (and especially America) really needs now is love.
Texas Fanilow

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