Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Magical Night

I've been thinking the last few days about the Music and Passion show in Philly. It's taken a few days to absorb all that happened and to find the words to describe that magical night. I hope for those of you that didn't get the chance to attend, I'll be able to put it into words. Because for me, it completely overshadowed every other Manilow moment I've had in the last two years.

From the moment he stepped out on stage, I knew it was a different man. His countenance was completely different than it was when I saw him at the end of May. He seemed genuinely happy and not even the best actor in the world could have communicated that outer glow. The expressions on his face when he received the numerous standing ovations and the funny moments with his earpiece made the evening even more priceless.

There were two highlights for me that I will never forget. The first was the full version of Could It Be Magic with a full orchestra. The music, the lyrics, the orchestration, the lights and the moment were nothing short of inspirational. I've rediscovered that song this morning and if you haven't listened to it in awhile, it's worth digging it out of the record archives. The place shook when he finished with applause and he just stood there with his mouth literally hanging open in shock.

The second moment was the encore of the night. After a rather long time of applause following Dancing in the Streets, he walked back out on stage in his signature maroon jacket. He took it off, as if to say, I'm completely open to you guys and I want you to know this is "me", not BARRY MANILOW, but Barry. He tossed it to the band and walked out into the center of the stage and began singing "Old Friends" and then walked onto the platform used for the dance and said, "I wrote this one for you".

Then the moment...he began singing "Forever and a Day". My heart almost stopped as he stood there in front of the microphone with his arms outstretched and his heart open and vulnerable. And when it was over, he walked to the center of the stage, stopped for a moment as if to say, "I don't want to go...", then turned his back and waved backwards as he walked off stage.

It's those moments in life that literally take your breath away. Mine...has hardly returned.

Thanks Barry for that magical night. I hope you know how much we all love you.
Remembering that moment,
Texas Fanilow


Steffi D said...

Thank you for sharing some magical moments from the Philly show with us.I flew from England to see the Boston show and I can echo how magical the evening was. Barry seemed so at ease and as you say happy and at ease. He really seemed to relax and share part of himself with us but that's always been why he's so loved and appreciated I think. It was magical and the energy around the place was too. It was my birthday that day and I wish now I'd stopped and had a chat with Garry when I saw him near the stage early on (he was a few feet away from me). Anyway, whatever it was surreal.

Anonymous said...

I also so the show in Philly and loved it.. The last two songs as you mentioned we just so emotional.
It brought me to tears. Could you please tell me the name of the other song he sang aside from "For ever and a Day"

Thank you

moonstone said...

Wow, that really sounds like a wonderful concert, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about it. You made me feel like I was there!

Thanks again,

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