Friday, September 21, 2007

We Live on Borrowed Time

Tonight I dug out my copy of Close Up. The video used to be my favorite of the older ones. I loved the strip to Sweet Heaven and the infamous BAMMS to Could It Be Magic. I love to laugh at the funny T&P story at the end of the video. I've always skipped the end of the video because I couldn't bare to watch We Live on Borrowed Time. Too much death in my family in the last few years and coming too close to it with a cancer scare made it too hard to watch.

It's been a rough day here. An emotional roller coaster. So as the video came to an end, I decided to brave my emotions and just watch it. I figured how could I possibly cry any more than I already had been. And I'm glad I did because it made me realize that no matter what life dishes out, I have someone in my life that understands. And she understands tonight, like she has understood from the first day that we met.

This one's for you my friend:

"But you and I are here and this time is the right time because one thing that I know is we have each other now...And we live on borrowed time let's celebrate and sing as we walk bravely into the unknown...cause we're gonna be just fine whatever life may bring...we'll face it all together and we'll never be alone."

I could never begin to repay you for the joy you bring into my life,
Texas Fanilow

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