Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Barrynet Message Board...the NEW IM

I'm not usually a complainer. Live and let live is my motto and I try and get along with everyone. Lately, it's extremely hard to abide by those who post incessantly over and over and over again on the Barrynet message board. That's right...it's a MESSAGE board. NOT, and I repeat NOT a chat room. For some reason, these people can't seem to understand the difference between the two.

Last night, trying to be the nice, diplomatic person that I am, I posted directions on how to open an account on MSN messenger...yes, I know perhaps there was a little sarcasm involved there. But seriously, if you want to talk to your "friends", find another place! They should open a chat room on PalTalk and call it "Barry's Leather Lounge"....

Happy in BLOGGER land,
Texas Fanilow

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