Saturday, April 28, 2007

First there was "Mama Mia", then there was "You Gotta Have Friends"

Recently on a touristy stroll in Boston, my daughter spotted this poster up at one of their downtown ticket offices. Which, as usual got me thinking. If, they can design a play around the music of Abba, why not one around the music of Barry and Bette? How hard could that be?

If you put your mind to it, there is enough music from both of these talented performers to create quite a storyline. Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl. Girl realizes she loves boy all along. Boy and girl reunite after years apart.

"Sweet Heaven", "Learning to Live Without You", "Even Now", "If I Should Love Again", "Wind Beneath My Wings", "Do You Wanna Dance", and "You Gotta Have Friends" to name a few would fit nicely together to form an outstanding musical...

Bette and Barry's music together in a celebration of friendship and harmony. What could be better?

Hoping for another collaboration from a perfect team,
Texas Fanilow

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