Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looks like he made it...AGAIN!

I was at my local Best Buy yesterday browsing the music section and low and behold, I came across Barry's music. Mind the past few years, there has been ONE rack of his music if you were lucky. Yesterday, there were FIVE...yes that's right FIVE. All the re-releases were there, GSTOF, GTSOTS, The Legacy edition of Live, even the Mayflower CD.

Looks like Barry has finally re-emerged into the pop music world again. A few racks over was Babs, and guess what? Only THREE racks of her CD's. I'm thinking this says something. Barry's music is selling again. Not that we should be surprised. But, somehow it seems fitting and comforting to find him on the shelves once again. And knowing that new fans are out there discovering the magic of Manilow.

Here's to all the new fans and their discovery of "the man and his music",
Texas Fanilow

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