Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Mentor: A Music Legend Shares His Take on the Making of an Idol

In his own words: "I try to teach them. You gotta love what you are doing...my show in Vegas is Music and Passion, and I ain't kidding. That's my life".

If you're a Manilow fan, you've got to pick up this special issue of People. It gives you insight into why Barry does what he does and why he considers himself an arranger.

For those of us that have followed his career, he's more than that. He's a mentor, yes. But not just to those Idol kids. He's a mentor to every one of his fans. He inspires us to live our passions, whatever those might be. He inspires us to treat people as he treats people, with respect and love. He inspires us to keep trying even when it seems like we may never succeed. And he inspires us to become better human beings. That my friends, is the real definition of mentoring.

Thanks Barry, for mentoring me by setting an example of kindness, perserverance and passion.
From a grateful fan,
Texas Fanilow

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