Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Time for Action

Dear fellow bloggers,
Since it has come to our attention that Harmony may be in jeopardy, several of us have decided to ban together in prayer for Barry and the fulfillment of his dream..."he just wants to get six guys up on the stage"...

Here's a post from the Bnet. Please consider joining our efforts if you believe in the power of prayer.

Dear Friends and Fellow Barry Fans -

I'm writing to you today what I believe will be the single most important message I could bring to you this year. It deals with Barry, it deals with the power of prayer, it deals with long forgotten talent. My request is simple, take the next few moments to read carefully - take the words into your heart, mind, soul and spirit and then ACT.

We know very well that God does things in His own timing. A perfect timing that's never too late or too early. In my spirit it is the right time NOW for us to move into a realm of prayer like none we've undertaken before. Why you ask?? Because deep down inside of me, I feel the Spirit saying now is the right time for all of us to concentrate all our efforts to bring Harmony to the stage. For we (in the Prayer Circle), that means only one thing ... to pray fervently and continually until we see it come to pass.

Why do we want to do this?? For Barry, certainly, we all know Harmony is his "baby". To show everyone how powerful prayer actually is, of course! It'll be a mighty witness to all... believers and non-believers alike. Because we are being told this is the right time, definitely. Most of all, because it'll remind the world of talent almost totally lost and forgotten. It's to give a legacy to the talented men who were all but eradicated from the history books. So the world will grow and learn by their story.

Now is the time people. All of us, whether a member of the Prayer Circle or not, need to join each other in prayer and bring this project to fruition. In the words of Larry The Cable Guy..."get er done" !!!

Please consider the plea as an invitation to give something back to Barry for his years of giving to us. He deserves it and so does Harmony.What no man has been able to accomplish - God can.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. Most of all, I appreciate your
God moves when His people humble themselves and pray.

May Our Heavenly Father bless you exceedingly,abundantly -

Waiting on God to move this mountain for Barry,
Texas Fanilow

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