Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Ultimate Manilow...some thoughts

I'm growing weary of's time to move on to more important thoughts. Such as some audio commentary from the Ultimate Manilow DVD. Can I say that I LOVE this DVD? My absolute favorite line is, "it is I, the Ulitmate Manilow". Cracks me up every single time. But what I adore about this DVD is the audio commentary. There are some absolute gems in there.

First gem: "It just makes me realize the power of music and performing and what a gift I've been given". Any fanilow knows the absolute truth in this statement--the power of music and performing. It's what makes us move hell and high water for one chance to see him live in concert. It's what drives us to share his music with every person we meet, know, or briefly encounter (sometimes to their utter disgust).

Second gem: "Sometimes I just feel like a preacher or something leading a congregation of happy, joyous people." Great analogy Barry! You encapsulated the essence of what your concerts are all about: happy and joyous. Smiles all around. Laughter and revelry abound. It's a 90 minute celebration of joy that we all are a little sad to see end. We leave, planning our next trip and hoping to grab some more of that infectious joy.

Once again, thanks Barry for using your gift and giving all of us joy...
Off to watch some more of "the Ultimate Manilow",
Texas Fanilow

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