Friday, April 20, 2007

It's all about the leather...or is it?

Yes. Leather is apparently back in full force in Manilow land for an encore performance in Wednesday night's show. It is all the rage now and the fans have apparently lost all sense of reason and rationale. It's the talk on the Barrynet. As a matter of fact, it's ALL they talk about these days. Don't get me wrong, I like leather as much as the next person (well...have to admit, I'm a suit kind of fan, but I won't begrudge the occasional leather appearance).

HOWEVER. Are we really that consumed that it's all we can find to talk about? Apparently some fans are. I prefer to discuss the music and passion. I prefer to discuss how the music has changed all of our lives. I prefer to discuss the friendships that have been formed and remain due to a mutual admiration and respect for this man's talent and body of work. All the glitz and glamour in the world is not enough to replace the life changes that have happened due to the emotion and feeling and passion in just one song.

Next time the topic of leather comes up, remember that leather ages with time and even dries out losing it's luster. Barry is ageless, never loses his ability to move people, and shines above almost every other singer/songwriter/composer in his field.

That's something to "chew" on...
Texas Fanilow

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moonstone said...

AMEN! You said that really, really well...

Thank you,

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