Thursday, March 20, 2008

From Bobby to Barry

Things have been way too serious lately, so I thought I'd lighten up with some thoughts on my two favorite male singers when I was a teenager.

Bobby Sherman hit the scene a bit prior to Barry in the late 60's.
His first hit record, "Little Woman" came in 1969, which led to concert tours and a hit television series "Here Come the Brides". Bobby was mobbed by adoring fans. His face began appearing on every teen magazine cover. Lunch boxes bore his picture, and love beads and "Bobby Sherman Chokers" became the rage. I personally had his picture plastered over every inch of my bedroom wall and rushed to the store for the latest issue of TigerBeat to had more pics to my growing collection. His music was considered to be "bubblegum" music and his fan base was most definitely teenage girls. His television appearances fueled his music career but in the middle 70's his popularity began to fade. His music was romantic and it spoke to my teenage heart.

Then along came marriage (at 18) and Barry, in that order. I was driving to work one day and heard Mandy on the radio. The love affair with his music began that day. Since I was married and heavily
into surviving, I never developed the "crush" that I had with Bobby (the crush came later!) But the love of the music was there from the start. I remember purchasing the first album and listening to it at night while lying in bed before we went to sleep. We spent many hours in those first few years of marriage listening to Barry's music at night. When I hear the songs from his early albums they bring back some great memories. They are intrinsically linked to my teen years and although I was acting the role of an adult, I still felt very much like a teenager. Those songs carried me into adulthood and when I needed them the most those songs were always there.

Comparing Bobby Sherman to Barry Manilow might be like comparing coke to champagne. I adore both of them but they are in totally different classes altogether. Bobby isn't even in the business any longer and was never a true musician. He had a nice voice and was pleasing on the eyes. Barry on the other hand (while pleasing to the eyes) is a musician and an artist in the truest sense of the word and has carried me through many years of joy and sorrow.

And yet when I think of those teen years, I have to smile. From Bobby to Barry says, "what a ride!"

Thanks guys!
Texas Fan


sharabang06 said...

Great memories and journeys hey?

Barry was the beginning of music for me from being a child. For so many years I wouldn't even listen to anything or anybody else. I guess I thought there was no point as Barry had it all, but I was missing out.

Around 7 years ago I actually bothered to listen to a voice that grabbed me! Now I have the pleasure of two musicians that open my heart with there passion. Both of which are so very talented in there delivery of song.

I'm glad this other guy fell in my ears with his music. Though both seem so far apart musically, to me they are one of the same. Both guys sing from their heart and soul, are involved in so much more than the singing and are both responsible for producing the most amazing emotions in me.

Thanks guys for the music and the effects it has on my life. Barry and Darren you both are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Every time I get ready to reply to one of your blogs, you come up with yet another outstanding blog. I can't keep up with you.

My teenage crush was on Shaun Cassidy. Not only did I listen to his music, he was on the Hardy Boys with Parker Stevenson. Remember that? I had all his pic from Tiger Beat and all the other teen mags, all over my bedroom walls. My addiction to Mr Manilows music was somewhere along that time line but I was more into his music. Maybe if Manilow solved mysteries every week I would have changed my crush. LOL

Just know, even if you don't get a reply, I am always there watching, reading and enjoying. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should bring up this topic. Back in the day my crushes were on Bobby Rydell and Bobby Vinton (giving away my age LOL). Both had good voices and were pleasing to the eye to say the least. But when Barry hit the scene the others just vanished into memory for me.

Since then no one else has ever come along to take his place. Sure there have been lots of good singers and good looking men, but none can touch Barry's level of talent and charm. At least not for me.

What a wonderful journey we have had all these years. And hopefully, it will last for many more to come.

Steph said...

I met Bobby Sherman when I was 3. Of course I didn't know who in the world he was, but my babysitters were twins and they won a contest to meet Bobby Sherman and have him come to your house. Well, they were babysitting me when he arrived. They said I spilled koolaide all over his pants, but instead of being irritated he picked me up and gave me a hug. Nice guy ! My first Celebrity interaction...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I first discovered Barry when I was about 12 years old, when my friend Simone let me listen to her vinyl single which she brought with her from Germany. As soon as I heard Can't smile without you, I fell in love with the wonderful voice. I then went in search of more music from this wonderful musican. Back then Barry was my inspiration for everything from doing my homework, to writing poetry. Very little has changed, I still listen to Barry whilst I am studying, but I don't write poetry like use to, but who knows when my life slows down a little more, I may start again. One thing that is still the same is the way I feel about Barry's music, he still make me think about his lyrics and the meaning behind them. Oh and i still have that vinyl record that my friend Simone ended up giving to me, so I will always be grateful to her and to Barry for all the wonderful memories and all the wonderful memories yet to be made.
So thank you for the music.

Kim from Down Under

texas_fanilow said...

Thanks everyone for your "teenage" idol stories. They made me smile :). Memories are the backbone of our lives. They hold us together and give us something to look forward to.

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