Friday, March 21, 2008

The message of Easter

Today is Good Friday: in Christian circles the day that Jesus was crucified. In non-Christian circles it means little. Easter has become a secular holiday for the most part, just like every other religious holiday. The Easter bunny has replaced the cross, just like Santa Claus has replaced the birth of God's son. For me, Easter has always been about new beginnings. From death comes life. From the grave came the resurrection and hope.

On the first good Friday, the disciples and Jesus' followers wept at the cross. They believed that He had come to set them free from their bondage; from their slavery to the Roman empire. They believed that He was indeed the son of God. But if he was, how could something so horrific happen? How could he be put to death? How could God allow Him to die on the cross? It seemed like the end of all their hopes and dreams.

But then, the resurrection. The grave was empty on the third day. Jesus had conquered death and given us the keys to eternal life through him. And thus, out of what seemed to be the end, came a new beginning.

One of Barry's songs always reminds me of this and every time I listen to it I think about how blessed we are to be able to "begin again".

Sometimes it's hard to believe
how simple life can be
just when you think
you'll never reach the end
you're finally round the bend and see
there's no need to cry anymore
life's better than before
yesterday fades away into the past
the pain you thought would last
is gone

And you begin again
sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
but you begin again
even though you're heart is breaking
in time, the sun will shine
and you'll begin again
you'll begin again

Have a blessed Easter and remember that it's all about new beginnings,
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter my friend! Peace to you and your family.


you begin again.... said...

And a happy Easter to you too!

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