Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Leather-Free" Zone

There's a new group out there in cyberspace specifically set up for discussing the music. It's a "leather-free" zone, but everyone is welcome to join. We've just set it up and there's a new discussion posted that we would love everyone's input on. Don't be shy. Share your thoughts with those of us out there that LONG to talk about the music and the memories that are MANILOW!

Here's the link:
Manilow Music

You have to join the group to enter the discussion. It's simple and once you're a member you can post discussion questions, upload your favorite pictures and links.

See you there,
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

Thank you for setting up a haven for the fans who really want to share intelligent, stimulating and fun posts.

Happy poster from Down Under

Steph said...

It's great to have our own place to go and have intelligent conversations.


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