Monday, March 3, 2008

Rob Thomas vs Barry Manilow

I just spent the weekend in Dallas with my daughter again. Two concerts within one week of each other. First it was Barry Manilow, then this week it was Matchbox Twenty. Two completely different concerts, but both headlined by musical geniuses.

Rob Thomas (the lead singer and writer behind Matchbox Twenty) is a true poet, along with an amazing musical talent. His voice is clear and strong, filled with emotion. The guitar solos blew the roof off. The piano solos were just as magical as Barry's
Could it be Magic. You can sense the passion in Rob's voice, just as you can sense the passion in Barry's. He's passionate about his songs and getting the audience on its feet, just as Barry is passionate about his music moving people. It was two hours of musical entertainment and the time flew by quickly.

The crowd, of course, was a little different in gender, but the same in age variance-from teens to seniors and everything in between. From the moment they walked out on stage the crowd was on its feet and never sat down for two hours. Instead of glow sticks, they used cellphones (the entire arena was lit up at one point with cellphone screens).

I realized something that night as I looked around at the crowd. Music is truly the universal language. It crosses all genders, ages, economic backgrounds and political parties. It is the common thread that can bring people together in one place to hear what the musician has to say through his music. He can be 30 or 60, it really doesn't matter. He can be a rocker or a pop icon. He can be a guitarist, a saxophonist or a pianist. Or he can simply use his voice to create "beautiful music". That's the beauty of it all. And when Barry is allowed to create and interpret the music, just as Rob does, it moves people.

If you've never heard of Rob Thomas and his group Matchbox Twenty you should take some time to listen to the words of his songs. I discovered them about 10 years ago quite unexpectedly. It's been a treat to watch his career explode and his music appreciated by so many worldwide.

Proud to be a fan of both of these musical geniuses,
Texas Fan


Crissy said...

Rob and Matchbox 20 started out as a local band in Orlando Florida, and got a lot of exposure on a local talk radio station there. I haven't bought any of their cd's yet, but I really love their music. I think my favorite is probably When You're Gone.

texas_fanilow said...

I saw Matchbox 20 for the first time in 1997 in San Antonio, Texas. There were probably 300 fans in an outdoor concrete amphitheater. I went to "chaperon" my daughter. But I was blown away by their talent. These guys are phenomenal. And Rob...let's just say he's improved with age, just like someone else we know :)

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