Monday, March 31, 2008

Manilow Memories

It's been two years since I attended my first Barry concert in Vegas on March 29, 2006. Nostaligia has set in this morning and I can't think of a better place to share those memories than here on the blog that I began because of that magical night.

My first Vegas show
This is where it all began: a great show, a magical, unexpected moment with Barry and a new friend who grew up with his music and introduced me to the vast new world of Manilow.
At the dance with Mandy

My first ever "Barry trip" with my new friend, Mandy, and the night she danced with him to It's Not for Me to Say for what seemed like an eternity.
The scrapbook project
Bringing a group of fans together to create a scrapbook for Barry after his hip surgery. Everyone worked together to create the best "get well" scrapbook
called, "Your Music, Our Passion".
Atlantic City
The first concert after the hip surgery; the anticipation; all the fans and the energy in the huge arena. Finally, Barry comes out on stage in a wheelchair and the crowd roars. It was my first arena show and a night I will never forget.
Madison Square Garden
New York City and a night to remember with Barry, Dave Koz, and one of my very best friends.
Starting I Am Your Child Fan Club
A dream that ensued between two friends and a
fter a few short months blossomed into an officially sanctioned fan club, which was the start of new friendships and some great times with other fans.
May 2007
A last minute trip to Vegas where I had the time of my life at the concerts and experienced some memorable moments of frivolity, fandom and fun.
A girl's weekend with Barry and a road trip to Atlantic City resulting in some inspirational moments listening to the Greatest Songs of the Seventies.

A night to re
member with my daughter; her first Barry concert--sharing the passion that is Manilow.
The friends I have m
ade along the way
These are friends that I've met, have yet to meet, and possibly might never meet. They
have enriched my life and given me moments of great joy. They have shared heartache with me, celebrated and had fun along the way, and given me encouragement with I needed it the most. They come from all over the world and they speak the universal language: music. Our friendships have taken some unique paths and come full circle. They are the glue that holds me together and they are the reason that every time I walk through those doors (at the Hilton, at an arena show, or when they welcome me into their homes) I know what it means to be a Manilow fan.

2008 has barely begun and a day doesn't go by that I don't think of that magical night in March two years ago and how Barry, with a smile, a hug and a simple kiss took away a cloud of grief and put me on the path of discovering his music, his magic and the ability he has to impart unspeakable joy.

Looking toward the future and many more Manilow memories,
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I am part of your Manilow memories and also glad that you are a part of mine.

Major Hugs,


texas_fanilow said...

I'm glad you are a part of mine as well. A great night, some great friends, and the start of a great friendship. Cheers my friend!

Kristen said...

i was at the alantic city show, it probably was the best night of my life. the day of and the day after i could barely eat i was so excited. when he sung mandy i cried like a baby because i thought of my cat oreo who had just passed away.

it was so funny the day after the concert we had stayed at Resorts over night and my mom suggested that it would be really cool to get a poster that advertised the show. so that morning my mom and i found a nice poster and we called Igda in promotions who said we could have the poster because it was just going to thrown out anyway. so i picked it up and my mom and i walked through the casino with barry slung under my arm; we put it in my mom's mini van and when we got out of the elevator from the parking deck 2 security gaurds were waiting for us. well they asked us where we got the poster, and we told them the truth.

the funniest part of this story, well besides the fact that we almost got arrested for taking a barry manilow poster from a casino is that the poster is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

and i must say Manilow fans are some of the nicest people on the planet!!

thanks for sharing your memories,

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