Saturday, March 8, 2008

A set list moment

I spent my day fixing plumbing in my 30 year old house. Needless to say I made several trips to Home Depot and in the car back and forth I listened to the set list from the Dallas show. Yes..geek that I am I compiled a CD of the set list from the show (in an attempt to relive it every time I listened to it).

Today it seemed to get stuck on the encore--
Old Friends and Forever and a Day. Those two songs have become two of my favorite moments in the arena shows. Maybe its the poignant way that Barry sings them or maybe it's the lyrics and what they mean. But today, I sat in the Home Depot parking lot and really listened. I thought about the friends that I have made in the past two years since I rediscovered Barry's music. These friends aren't "old" but I feel like I've known them forever. And I thought about what they have come to mean to me. And I thought how empty my life would be without them.

Didn't we show them, aren't they blown away...
Here's to us, who's like us...DAMN FEW!
Texas Fan

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