Thursday, May 1, 2008

All Things Manilow

Just for fun--here's a list of "things" that can fill our lives and make people wonder if it is indeed time for an intervention:

Our vehicles:
"I (heart) Barry" keychain
Music and Passion License plate
"I'd rather be in Vegas attending Music and Passion" bumper sticker
ONLY Manilow music in the CD player or Ipod connected to the stereo
Barry Bobblehead on the dashboard

Our offices:
2008 Barry Calendar
A photo on our desk of us with Barry (Platinum, Meet and Greet, The Dance, Jacket Girl, CSWY Girl, Convention, etc.)
Numerous recent photos of our Barry trips with friends
Music and Passion mousepad
Music and Passion notepad and pen
Music and Passion coffee mug
Barry background on our computer desktop
Barry screensaver (all the photos we've downloaded over the years)
The Manilow Search toolbar (to acquire those all important swag bucks)
The new "Shadowman" Laptop skin on our laptop

Our homes:
Manilow clock
Manilow throw on couch
M picture frame with photo of recent trip to Vegas
Assorted coffee mugs
Assorted Manilow wines, teas and chocolates
2008 Barry Calendar
Memory wall (containing photos and other Manilow collectibles)
Scrapbooks of our "Barry" trips
Photo albums and photo boxes of all the pictures we have taken
Manilow pillowcase
Numerous Manilow refrigerator magnets

Our "persons":
Manilow watch
Manilow bracelet
Manilow necklace
Manilow Fund Health and Hope bracelet
T Shirts from every concert and tour we have attended
Music and Passion jogger jacket
Music and Passion baseball cap
A copy of the "Bamm" flip book in our purses
A small photo album or small photos in our wallets

Our collections:
A collection of glow sticks
A collection of Hilton room keys
A collection of confetti
A collection of champagne glasses procured during our numerous "sittings" on stage
A collection of Music and Passion ticket stubs
A collection of photos on our computer taking up over 50 percent of our hard drive space
A collection of Manilow tourbooks
A collection of BMIFC pins
A collection of "bags" of various sizes from the M Store
A collection of DVD's, CD's, VHS tapes of his music, concerts and personal appearances
A collection of Barrygrams

Our pets:
Manilow dog shirt

Our grandchildren:
Fanilow in training shirt

Read it and weep,
Texas Fan

Disclaimer: I DO NOT have every item on this list. Although, I know some that do. More power to them!


you begin again.... said...

OK.... so how bad off am I based on the following:
Photo on the desk - my best shot of the night, one that I took in ATL.
Wallpaper on my computer of Barry's "shadow" entrance. Another good shot if I do say so myself. ;-)
Streamers, confetti, glowsticks and ticket stubs in a vase.
Bonus - Barry's autobiography on my husband's nightstand. No, really, HE'S reading because he enjoys it.
Do we need to call A&E and put us on the "Intervention" show???

Great list - great gigggle this afternoon!

Stephanie said...

You forgot to include "CARDBOARD BARRY" ! I've often wondered how many have dressed their "Cardboard Barry" in Leather pants and a Jacket ! You know, like an oversized paperdoll! Mmmmmm? LMAO!!!


Debbie said...

Going through your list saying got it, got it, got it, etc. Hey you must have been to my office and home. LOL.
Seriously, there are a bunch of things on the list that I do not have. Maybe I don't need an intervention just yet. Some may disagree.
BTW, loved the comment about the carboard Barry. I am sure there are some people like that out there-you are so right.

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