Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Silent Fans

A review from Friday night's show made me think about this subject. There was a fan in the audience with terminal cancer that had never been to a Manilow concert. He was there with his sister to recall some wonderful childhood memories and experience the music LIVE. Then I remembered two weeks ago the story of a woman who was also there with uterine cancer and her picture was captured unknowingly by a fan photographer with a huge smile on her face. Barry might never know that his music did indeed provide hope and comfort to these two fans and to the ones that came with them.

I thought about all the fans out there whose voices have never been heard. The ones who have never posted a blog online, visited the Barrynet, found the Manilow network. The ones who have for years enjoyed the music and never connected with other fans or with Barry. These fans remain in the shadows of the Manilow world. They don't get involved in the "politics" or the "drama". All they know is the music and how it moves them.

Then, I thought about how many whiners are in the online community and how many complain about this and that and never seem to be happy. I thought about the ones that are quick to criticize and take shots at him and his music and his private life. I thought about all the vocal fans, the ones who pass along rumors and look for anything they can gossip about. And it made me just a little sad that these are the fans that make the most noise and sometimes have the strongest voice.

Although Barry may never know the magnitude of the affect his music has had on the masses, he does know and hear from those who take the time to tell him: in their Platinums, on radio phone calls, in the cards and letters he receives, during back stage meet and greets, and by word of mouth from those who are close to him. Those of you who are lucky enough to do this can be the voice of the silent fans and pass the message along. His music gives all of us joy and hope and that's why we keep coming back and that's why all those fans who never say a word keep listening.

If I had a chance, I would like to say, "Don't forget about those silent fans, Barry. They are out there, enjoying the music and the memories it brings. They may not voice it or you may never hear it, but your music is touching their lives every single day."

From a once silent fan...thanks for the music,
Texas Fan

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