Monday, May 5, 2008

Where did they all come from????

I just payed a short visit to the new Manilow Network. It has exploded. I took a look at the member count--1245. Where did all these fans come from? I've been around for two years myself and had no idea there were that many fans in cyberland. We all know that they just didn't appear. They went to their browers, as they normally do and the new network popped up. And to their amazement it was OPEN, and inclusive, and dare I say, friendly. If you want to see a cross section of Barry's fans take a gander for yourself. Could it be that on the old Barrynet they felt excluded or baffled by the lack of intelligent conversation? One has to wonder...

Kudos to TPTB for providing this community. It gives ALL of us an opportunity to connect and reconnect with old and new friends. It gives us the individuality to express our thoughts and opinions without being attacked and ridiculed. It gives us the chance to share pictures, videos and memories.

Although it may not be for everyone, it certainly came along at a perfect time and looks like 1245 fans agree with me!
Texas Fan


Stephanie said...

I have been one happy person the past couple of days. Being around for 33 years, I knew these people were out there somewhere!!LOL! You of all people know the hell I have been through the past 6 months and how I was about to give it all up, and then all of sudden this comes to my rescue. I have reconnected with people I knew back in the80's.
It's a wonderful feeling I had years ago and I can say now, it is back. This is what Manilow is all about!!!!


Anonymous said...

They have always been there. Just tired of the crap that goes on with the other board. I think it is a great idea for everyone. People are making so much of a big deal about it. You don't HAVE to have a fancy page. Me, I don't have time for that right now. Maybe later I can do something different.

All I can say to the others is, Welcome Back!

Debbie said...

Just goes to show you how many people are out there that love Barry, what he stands for, the charities he supports, how he helps us through tough times, etc, etc. I think we all realize the following he has, but this new site just solidifies it. Kudos to TPTB. I hope I can make some new friends here and continue the friendships I have and hopefully meet them somewhere soon.

Kimberly said...

These people have always been around, but not comfortable enough to jump into the fray (mess) on the BNET Message Boards. Or just didn't have to patience to weed through 900 posts a day of "OMG".

Maybe this will be what those in charge have always wanted it to be but it somehow got away from them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! It is such a breath of fresh air not to be bombarded with endless talk of leather. When I first discovered the BNet it was fun and had lots of information about the shows, new releases etc, but the past year it has turned into an endless discussion of how HOT Barry is. It was totally dominated by a specific group of grown women who still see themselves as teenie boppers. Gone were the people that actually had something worth saying.

I look forward to seeing what other links they include on the new site and to reconnecting with friends of the past and new friends.


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