Friday, May 16, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I spent the day researching Las Vegas activities for two trips that are approaching. Since I will be there for an entire week each time, I was interested to find some things to do there during the day that I had not yet experienced. There is horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon, indoor bungee jumping, a view from the top of the Stratosphere, a masquerade parade in the sky at the Rio, a champagne bar in the Paris, a classy piano bar at the Bellagio, and a classic car collection at the Imperial Palace.

What is interesting to note, is that as I flipped through the travel books at my local bookseller I noticed how often Barry was mentioned in them. He was heralded as "a class act", a "entertainer reminiscent of Frank Sinatra", a "headliner must see", and "the one who writes the songs". In each of the travel books they listed his show as something you don't want to miss. They heralded him as a true entertainer that knows how to give you your money's worth.

Of course, none of this is news to any of us who have been there to see him. It's just nice sometimes to see the rest of the world stand up and take notice.

Here's to a class act,
Texas Fan

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