Monday, May 26, 2008

Bring Them Home

Being the parent of an ex-Marine and the daughter of a father who served during World War II, Memorial Day holds special significance to me. My son served his country willingly and proudly while in the Marine Corps and was willing to give the ultimate sacrifice if necessary for our freedom.

Staff Sergeant Everett V. Muilenburg, USAF 1941-1945 (left)

PFC Ryan D. Shaffer, USMC, 1997-2001 (right)

Dear Lord,
There's a young man far from home,
called to serve his nation in time of war;
sent to defend our freedom
on some distant foreign shore.
We pray You keep him safe,
we pray You keep him strong,
we pray You send him safely home ...
for he's been away so long.

There's a young woman far from home,
serving her nation with pride.
Her step is strong, her step is sure,
there is courage in every stride.
We pray You keep her safe,
we pray You keep her strong,
we pray You send her safely home ...
for she's been away too long.

Bless those who await their safe return.
Bless those who mourn the lost.
Bless those who serve this country well,
no matter what the cost.

God bless our troops today, their families, and all those who have lost loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

God on high hear my prayer,
In my need you have always been there.
He is young he's afraid,
Let him rest heaven blessed
Bring him home!

Texas Fan

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