Friday, May 23, 2008

Hearts with Paws

In a recent radio interview Barry was asked what made him laugh. "My dogs," he said, "their just big hearts with paws." That comment brought a huge smile to my face. I've had some special pets in my lifetime and two very special "grandpuppies" that I absolutely adore. I raised these miniature dachshunds from pups until it was time for my daughter to take them to live with her. I grew very attached to them and I take every opportunity to go and see them when I can since they have recently moved to Dallas. They make me smile every time I'm with them and bring such joy into my life.

Pets are great stress relievers, joy providers, smile givers, and pain healers. I can't imagine not having them around. They love you unconditionally and provide you with hours of entertainment. They truly are "hearts with paws".

Bentley (brown) and Pacey (black)

Missing my grandpuppies,
Texas Fan

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Debbie said...

I cannot agree with you more. We have a cat and a puppy. You can have a stressful, bad, and horrible day, but you walk in the door and see this bundle of fur going crazy and she is always so excited to see you. You completely forget all your troubles and stresses.
This morning was very quiet in our house. Our little bundle of joy spent the night at the vet (she was spayed yesterday)and the house just wasn't the same last night or this morning. We are counting down the hours until we can get her from the vet. Amazing how attached you get to these "hearts with paws".

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