Saturday, April 18, 2009

Barry Manilow fans vs Neil Diamond fans

Barry Manilow fans vs Neil Diamond fans. The quintessential contest. I happen to love contests. Over the last few years there have been contests online pitting Barry against Englebert, Clay Aiken, and the likes for the best love song. Barry's fans rush to vote, offering their support whenever it is needed.

This past week a contest on Twitter (a social networking website) pitted Ashton Kutcher against CNN. The challenge was given from Ashton that he could garner 1,000,000 followers before CNN. Originally it was a simple competition. But Ashton sweetened the pot by pledging to donate $10,000 to purchase malaria nets if he won. The EA (a gaming software company) threw in a prize for the 1 millionth follower to become a character in their new SIM game. Ashton won in a heated last minute surge. And the contest generated media attention for his charity.

I got to thinking what might happen if Barry or Neil challenged each other to a contest along the same vein. Imagine the media attention that would ensue for both of them and their charities. Barry could promote the Manilow Music Project and challenge celebrities to match his contribution as Ashton did. It would be a great way to dabble in social media and generate some much needed funds for the project.

Neil is already on Twitter and has a following of fans. There are numerous "Barry Manilow" Twitter accounts. None of which are official. Since Barry finally arrived on Facebook, why not Twitter? How long do you think it would take for Barry to catch up if he was so inclined?

How about it Stiletto? Will you jump on the Twitter bandwagon?
Texas Fan


Jen & Pete said...

you might be on to something there, texasfan. Hope they take the bait. :) Would LOVE to see official Barry updates on Twitter.

Bonnie said...

OH PLEASE, not another site to keep track of LOL. I barely have enough time for all the Manilow sites that exist now.

But your idea of a contest is a good one, as long as it's for charity, then I'm there.

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