Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Manilow Concert Reviews

Reviews: the glue that keeps those fans together who can't see the shows often enough or haven't ever been able to attend a live concert. Reviews give us a glimpse of the fantabulousness (my word) that is Barry Manilow. And in the fan world, there are two types of reviews: the ones that talk about the clothing and the "hot" moves, and the ones that talk about the music. The great reviewers weave both into their reviews and those are the ones that stand out in my eyes.

This past week, a GREAT reveiwer was at the shows. If you've never been to a show, she puts you right there in the theater with her using descriptive language and excellent photographs. When Dana is at the show, we all know that we'll get a sense of the emotion in the music, of the interaction on stage with the backup singers and the band, and a true account of the quality of the performance. The Manilow world is about sharing, and Dana has shared her experiences with all of us as far back as I can remember. We all look forward to her reviews with great anticipation because we know that she can truly "see" the heart and the soul of the performance.

If you haven't read her latest review, drop by the MMN and check it out. It's absolute poetry as always. Thumbs up to Dana who has given me and so many other fans the gift of experiencing the shows from miles away and the privilege of seeing it through her eyes.

Thanks Dana,
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

I love Dana's reviews and try to never miss them when I know she's been to a show.
She not embarrassed to be a little "fan-girly" nor is she afraid to say when something, no matter what might be,even if it's Barry, is off or wrong in a show.
She's very descriptive and writes with great enthusiasm and she is an AWESOME photographer!
I wish the so-called professionals would take some lessons from her!
Thanks for introducing Dana to your readers. She deserves a the positive publicity. :)

Survivor said...

I left a comment on MMN before I saw this ans said exactly that! Dana's reviews are fantastic, I don't know how she does it every time. The 11th April review really had the emotion leaping off the screen at me. I love her reviews and pictures.
Dana just in case you don't know I think your reviews are wonderful.
Thank you from someone in the UK who needs this kind of review just to keep me going!!

Peachy said...

Dana's reviews are wonderful. I love when she attends because you know you will get a great sense of everything about the show. I just hate the ones where you get the cryptic statements "oh thanks Barry for what you did ... so on and so forth." Okay, if you aren't going to say what it is, don't say it at all. Ya know?

Bonnie said...

I totally agree. Dana does give the best reviews. I don't know how she can remember every aspect of the show, but she does. And her photos are pricelss.

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