Monday, April 6, 2009

Manilow Photo Sharing-A Controversy

It's no secret. Barry is the object of our photo affection. He's one of the few celebrity entertainers that allows photographs during his concerts. At any given time cameras are snapping away trying to capture a shot of the Showman of our Generation. Granted, it's not easy. The man moves faster than a gazelle at times. If you ask any fan, you'll find that a huge portion of their shots are blurred or out of focus. That's because most camera shutters can't keep up with his constant motion.

With the plethora of photographs being taken during every show, it stands to reason they will wind up online on various Manilow sites and blogs. Some fans consider their personal photos to be just that, their personal photos. Other fans freely share any and all photographs without claim of ownership.

Personally, I share my photos freely. It's never been an issue for me. Not only do I share them, but I find it gratifying when they show up online on blogs, personal websites and pages. After all, if someone downloads the photos, then they consider them to be worth keeping. If any photograph were that priceless, I certainly wouldn't put it online making it vulnerable for photo sharing.

But, just as there are many different opinions about the music, there are many different opinions about photo sharing. What do you think? Should they only be used with permission? Should they be freely shared? Should they not be copied or downloaded?

Looking forward to your opinions,
Texas Fan

P.S. Feel free to download and use the above photo. No strings or credit attached!


Carol from St. Louis, Mo. said...

I believe if a photo is available for viewing on ANY website or profile page, it is being offered free to copy. Plain and simple.

Stephanie said...

If ANY pic rather it is Manilow or not is posted on a public site the copyright is barely protected. There is a long explanation under US Copyright laws that pertain to this said issue. Basically, if you do not want to share, don't put it out there. I have many pics that were sent to me in the 80's from Manilow Penpals. I like to give credit where credit is due,but alot of my pics have no names on them and I cannot remember who sent what. I have scanned some to share as I know my friends wouldn't mind sharing Manilow. I love to make people smile with my pics, so I say share in your joy :)


Bonnie said...

I feel that if they are posted for everyone to view, then it's fair game. I admit that I copy them to my PC for my own personal use. But I would never use any of them for my blog posts or personal page on the Manilow Network. I only use photos that were taken by the media, album covers, and ones that were published in books and magazines or by the BMIFC.

If people are so protective of a simple picture, then don't put them out there for everyone to see.

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