Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Night That Tito Played

Mayflower is back! Barry has brought back a song from the Here at the Mayflower CD. The Night that Tito Played is an interesting choice that I'm sure made for some great fun at the show. It's upbeat and a great dance number, "moving and swaying under the moon" (or the famous Manilow stars).

This concept CD never really got the attention it deserved. Every song tells a story and the entire album has something for everyone. Even a non-fan can get into the rhythm of
They Dance or Come Monday. Adding any number of these songs to the show is a win/win in my estimation. Because this pleases the fans AND is musically appealing and crowd pleasing for the civilians (yes, I did use that term!).

What's next? Freddie Said? Now that would be my idea of art imitating life!

Lovin' it,
Texas Fan


you begin again.... said...

I get this song on the brain sometimes and it's killing me we didn't hear this in October!!!! One of my favorites from the record and one of his best "romantic dance" songs.

Freddie Said would be a scream. Kye and the girls might have a little too much fun in the background. ;-)

Bonnie said...

I just hope he keeps it in the show for the end of May (after the convention).

I always thought that "Mayflower" would make a great TV special. All the songs tell a story, and they could do little scenes for each one. "Freddy Said" would be a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to get the chance to hear this, before Fall!!

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