Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Manilow Mayflower Musings

All the comments over my recent post has made me think (dangerous..I know) about how Barry's Here at the Mayflower might be turned into a Broadway play or television mini-series. Granted, I'm not a media expert, but the potential within the catalog of songs is extraordinary.

I could envision this as a mini-series. It could be as steamy or as G-rated as you prefer. Take for instance, Apartment 4J: Talk to Me. A couple is working through some very difficult problems. Perhaps one of them has had an affair and the other found out; or it's an older couple that has grown apart after their kids have moved away. The possibilities are endless. Then there's Apartment 6C: Not What You See and I Miss You: a picture of love that has lasted a lifetime and the sadness that comes with the loss that occurs after all those years. Not to mention the Elevator Operator who relays the stories of all the tenants in Do You Know Who's Living Next Door, and the poignant story told in She Shoulda Been Mine.

What about you? How do you see the stories unfolding?
Texas Fan

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Candy Hoyt said...

That is so funny that you mention this. A few years back the BMIFC had sent an email asking for questions for the Q&A section for the Barry Gram and I had asked if they could maybe make the Mayflower CD into maybe an HBO mini-series or perhaps a Broadway show featuring each of the apartment dwellers. Never did get an answer but I think it would be great. I know I would either tune in or make a trip to New York. Let's hope they do consider this. Take care.

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