Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Many Caricatures of Manilow

Lightening things up a bit and in keeping with some of my previous posts this month, I thought I would post some caricatures of Barry that have been published over the years.

Most of these were downloaded from Scooter's blog (which I miss dearly), and I have noted below who was responsible for the caricatures.

It's just another way to see Mr. Manilow creatively. Which one is your favorite?

Glad I'm not the object of an artist's rendering,
Texas Fan

(Credits: 1st row-Toronto Daily Mail, Radio Times; 2nd row-Kolson, Hirshfield, NY Times; 3rd row-Rolling Stone, Penthouse; 4th row-DMag July 2002, Wall Street Journal, Nancy Stahl; 5th row-Australian Publication 1995, Birmingham Alabama Newspaper)


Bonnie said...

LOVE the one with him and Bagel, but the one underneath it looks so much like him. Whoever did that one is very talented.

BB said...

I agree with you. I miss Scooter's blog. It was my absolute favorite.


Anonymous said...

Hi, all of the caricatures look very good. I admire the people who have such wonderful ideas. I don´t have a talent for drawing. By the way, i also miss scooters blog. Happy Easter! Andrea from Germany

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