Thursday, April 16, 2009

This week in Manilowland

Barry is BACK on stage and the Team Harmony AFAN Walk is scheduled for Sunday. Fans are arriving at the Hilton and Fortuna is providing the much needed caffeine boost on a daily basis. The sights and sounds of Vegas are in the air and the excitement level is through the roof.

What is it about Manilowland that makes all of us yearn to return? I wish I could put it into words. I wish I could explain to those who shake their heads in disbelief when we tell them we are returning AGAIN to the same show. I wish I could make them understand what it feels like to meet friends who "get it" and share that experience with them. I wish I could bottle up the joy that comes when you're in a theater of 1700 fans, all there to "love Barry" (as he comically addresses it during a show).

It's going to be a long time before I head that way again. But I have my memories. And those warm fuzzies that accompany them. The all-nighters spent with friends. The late night coffee dates at Fortuna. The pre-show dinners. The after-show frivolity at Tempo. The get together with friends at Shimmer. It's all there, safely tucked away in my memory and in pictures.

All the best to Team Harmony on Sunday and to all the fans (first-timers and old-timers) arriving in Vegas to see Mr. Manilow. He never disappoints. He always delivers. You always leave with a smile on your face and love in your heart for the music.

We can't smile without you,
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

Not a truer word has been said and I can certainly vouch for those sentiments! I hope Harmony do well and good luck to all those taking part.
If it wasn't for Manilowland I would be sitting watching some drivel on TV instead I'm reading this and posting about things to friends across the world!! How cool is that!!

Peachy said...

I know what you mean..and it is very hard to explain to civilians. They don't get it. I have my countdown on my office today, my doctor knows I'm heading to Vegas to see Manilow, and anyone else that knows me is aware as well. Oh well, we all know don't we?

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