Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Many Styles of Manilow

Continuing my theme, here are some stylish looks best described in pictures. Mr. Manilow certainly knows how to "dress for success"...or at the very least clean up quite nicely.

What's your favorite Manilow style?
Texas Fan

How could I forget the Tux?


Debbie said...

Oh I LOVE any suit and tie combination. Very classy.
I think Mr. Manilow can pull off any style, but you gotta love the dressy look.

Anonymous said...

I like the suit style and I also miss the curls from the 80's, the showstopper era.Barry has always been a very sharp dresser.I noticed even when he was a small boy he dressed well. So handsome!

Bonnie said...

A tuxedo!!! Doesn't matter to me if it's black or white. He looks great in a tux. Much better than those jumpsuits of years gone by LOL.

texas_fan said...

I'm with Bonnie, the tuxedo is my ultimate favorite. However, I also love the white shirt; something other than black!

Anonymous said...

I like him casual like the boy next door - so I will choose the picture with him in jeans sitting before the sofa.

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