Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some "Barry" Good Advice

I try not to comment on fan behavior too much, but this deserves an AMEN. YBA just posted a blog (Some Bar by the Harbor) about the new show and the convention. It's a MUST read for all of you who plan on attending. Why? Because she addresses an issue that has been floating around in the fan community for many, many months: the mobbing of Manilow. I'd like to expound on a possibility.

What if he were actually allowed to walk freely through a room in a casual manner?
  • He might stop for a few moments and engage someone in conversation.
  • He might be able to talk to you as a person and not a celebrity; something he has commented on in great detail.
  • He might stay longer at the event.
  • He might actually get some verbal encouragement from the fans face to face.
  • He might enjoy himself and try more often to interact with us.
  • He might recall the "old days" when fans were actually (not in just words) friends.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to see these things happen. And even if they don't and it's just a pleasant evening for him and for his fans, isn't it worth it? Don't we at least owe him that much?

Just some food for thought,
Texas Fan

P.S. Thanks YBA for the blog post and spurring this conversation.


Peachy said...

I have always said the same thing. If he could just walk freely through the room, I believe he would stay longer. He would be able to hear how his music makes everyone feels, and just make small talk. Everyone is not able to have a platinum, so these casual interactions would be so great for everyone. Will it happen? No, because the minute he walks in it is like a vacuum straight to him and the look on his face is pure terror. I saw it at the bash; he couldn't get out of there fast enough. It is really sad.

texas_fan said...

It is sad. But we can dream can't we? Ok...maybe I'm delusional. Or maybe just maybe this time they will stop and think before they swarm. Miracles do happen every once in a great while!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%!!

I saw it happen at the 2008 Holiday Bash. When he came in the room and walked to the right side of the dance floor, as soon as everyone noticed it was like a one was on the dance floor. The DJ said that Barry was in the room and please go back on the dance floor. I found it to be very disturbing as I would have loved to just say HI casually, but NO....everyone else made it bad for the rest of us.

After all, Barry is just one great person but he still is a man that deserves to be treated as a person....not a star when he is off stage!!!!!

you begin again.... said...

I'm glad you thought I could get a positive ball rolling. The craziness and the staring and the stalking is just something I can't get my head around. But hope springs eternal - maybe this time B can walk freely in his own venue without the "Blue Angels" swarming to protect him.

Crissy said...

Well if the Red Devils don't attend the convention, and it seems they're staying home this year, the Blue Angels might have an easier job this time.

Anonymous said...

I,too, was at the Holiday Bash standing in the left far corner. When the DJ announced that Barry was in the room, I witnessed what I likened to being on a ship when the ship tilts one way and everyone is thrown that way. I stood there in amazement. It's no wonder that Barry is scared to death in public, much less around his own fans. When he made it to my side of the room, his eyes were wide open like a "dear in the headlights look." I wish all of us could just treat him like a normal everyday person, then maybe he would feel free to stop and talk to anyone.


texas_fan said...

It happens at every fan club event that he shows up at. It happened at convention last year when he stepped into the crowd after the Q&A. It happened at the Birthday Bash when he tried to just make an appearance. And I agree. He looks absolutely terrified. I think I would too if I were him.

Survivor said...

Last year was my first experience of this so called 'fan behaviour'. I sat and watched with my mouth open. Immediately even I, as a novice to all of this, could see if everyone just sat in their seats they might actually get to see him more and they might get to speak to him as a human being......... now wouldn't that be a novelty. I never thought I would see the day when I sat watching, with embarrassment, 30/40/50/60 year olds acting like love sick 16 year olds, but I did!!!!!!!

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