Monday, April 14, 2008

Pouring your guts out

Barry himself describes what happens when you see him perform from the Rolling Stone article in 1990:

"I'll tell you what you see," he says of his performance persona, eschewing all coyness. "You see passion. I read an article someplace that said the true artist is an artist that can convey his passion across the footlights. The quality doesn't even matter -- just so that you displayed the passion. For instance, Springsteen is not my cup of tea, but I get it. I understand what he's doing. He gets me because he is so passionate. At the very least, what you could say about me is that I am trying to convey my passion and that's what's working. Not the fact that I sing so well, because I don't sing so well. Not the fact that I write so well, because Billy Joel writes better pop stuff than I do. Not the fact that I can perform well, either. It's that I believe in what I do, and you get it. Now, some people don't get it! But my guts go out there onstage, take it or leave it. And that's very uncomfortable for a lot of people to witness, especially to be coming from a man."

Thanks Barry for pouring your "guts out there onstage" this past weekend...another memorable weekend of shows!
Texas Fan

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Stephanie said...

So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time and the interesting and special things as well. Loved the post as usual and yes, you defintely get "IT" ! You were probably one of the very few there who gets "IT" !!

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