Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hi, This is Barry Manilow...

If you were to get that "phone call" what would you chat with him about?

Would you be speechless and tongue-tied and involuntarily hang up?

Would you ask him to sing a specific song for you on a specific night in Vegas?

Would you talk to him incessantly about how many years you have been a fan and what your favorite CD or single is and why?

Would you tell him how his music has changed your life and motivated you to be an inspiration to others?

Or would you just "listen" and let him talk about what was important to him?

Some thoughts to ponder on this "hump day"...
Texas Fan

(Note: You can find other "sleeve" photos at photo is by Tim Morgan)


Anonymous said...

Funny you should have this topic. I live in Vegas and one day last year my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and it said the Las Vegas Hilton. Well I picked up the phone and what did I hear? "Hi, this is Barry Manilow". Well I guess the nerves got to me and I DROPPED THE PHONE ON THE FLOOR!!! Of course it was one of those phone ads for the M&P show (we get those types of ads for many shows out here) but I nearly fainted LOL. Too bad it was not the real thing.

Anonymous said...

What would I do if the phone rang and it was Barry Manilow, well, firstly, I would be totally shocked, then I would probably think it was a telemarketer, I mean afterall, why would Barry call Australia, that is one expensive phone call to make. Tough question, I would probably be very quiet and let him do all the talking, while I stood at the other end shaking from nerves, one thing I would try not to do and that would be to not act like a blabbering fool, but I know the one thing I would so love to tell him is, Thank you. I kinda thinks that sums it all up for me.

Kim from Down Under

you begin again.... said...

Great questions and ones I don't think are seriously considered by people wanting to meet someone they admire, whoever that may be.

For once I'm at a loss for words. LOL!!! I'm really hung up on the idea that any emotional talking I do will make me sound like a knob and get blown off that I'd clam up and let him lead the conversation. Which would make me think I'm a knob.

I've got a number of thoughts rattling around on this idea - mind if I blog off of this post?

texas_fan said...

Go for it YBA..would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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