Thursday, April 3, 2008


This character trait seems to have escaped so many of us today. We have become a people of "deservers". We want what is coming to us and we want it now. Most feel they deserve it. I for one, am getting just a bit perturbed with this lack of gratitude.

My philosophy is that there is always someone less fortunate than you in the Barry community. There is always someone who has never been to see Barry LIVE. There is always someone who hasn't seen Barry in over 20 years. There is always someone that lives in a country that he has never toured in. And there is always someone who could never dream to be able to afford a Platinum package.

The point is: how about a little gratitude? He gives and gives until he is spent. He works so hard he loses his voice; has to have hip surgery; collapses from exhaustion; suffers through bronchitis; sacrifices his private life for a very public one; gets dragged into court over his "baby" Harmony; and puts himself out there every show for a "personal" moment with a fan. There are few entertainers that do this and even less who expose themselves time after time and get blasted for it not being good enough.

Let's practice some gratitude for the many gifts he has given us and focus more on what we have than what we do not have.

Enough is enough,
Texas Fan


Steph said...
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Debbie said...

Sometimes it seems there is a “competition” among fans. I wonder why that is? Like you mentioned, gratitude for the things Barry has done for us seems to fall by the way side. I have seen Barry perform countless times when he did not feel 100%. You can see he wants to be there for us. He doesn’t want to disappoint his audience, especially his fans.
It is impossible for Barry to somehow physically touch each and every one of his fans. I for one have been “moved/touched” countless times by Barry or his music. I do not go around bragging to people about my experiences. I chose to keep some things private and in my own heart. I am grateful for each and every time I see his show, head out to Vegas, hear his songs on the radio, etc.
I wish people would stop begging for him to do a certain song, come to their city, for a dance, to make a particular album, or even wear certain pants or jackets. Accept him for what he has decided to give us. Somehow I think he senses things and acts accordingly. I have personally experienced this and was absolutely blown away. I won’t go into details, but I am grateful when those moments hit me. Open your eyes and your hearts; you never know when those moments will occur.
I agree with Stephanie, we will never be close to Barry, we are the public. He owes us nothing and ultimately we chose to go to the arena shows, buy his merchandise or make the trek out to Vegas. He is not forcing us to do anything. He is putting himself out there for our enjoyment and that is what we should do…..ENJOY and be GRATEFUL!!!!

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