Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm sitting here this morning thinking about how much our fathers influence our lives. Especially as girls. We look to them for acceptance and love. If it's there, it boosts our self-esteem and gives us a strong base for our future relationships with men. If it's not there, we are always seeking approval and we try our entire lives to find that love. It baffles my mind that some of these men can't see what they are doing to their children. Belittling them day after day. Never encouraging them or giving them any kind of affirmation. Always spewing negative comments and judgment.

If you're blessed, you have a father that adores you and encourages you. My father had his moments, but they were few and outweighed by the negativity. My husband spent our children's childhoods belittling them and now he wonders why as adults they want nothing to do with him. Just do the math, it's not that hard to understand. You reap what you sow.

Barry, on the other hand, had two fathers, one that ignored him and one that encouraged him. We can probably thank God that his step father came into his life. Although he had a strong male influence in his grandfather, the step father did much to encourage his musical talent.

I often wonder what type of father Barry would have made. I guess we can see glimpses of it as we see him interact with young people. On American Idol he was an encourager. Helping those kids find their musical voice. And now with the instruments in the schools program, it's quite clear that he would be a nurturer and not a belittler.

Some thoughts for a Thursday,
Texas Fan

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Anonymous said...

I think Barry would have made a wonderful father figure. He's so warm, caring, kind, generous and one of those people that is uplifting to all around him.

It's a shame that those wonderful and talented genes have not been passed down to a future generation. It would have been nice to see what future Manilows could have accomplished.

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