Monday, April 21, 2008

Acting Out

Let's just say today...well it wasn't one of my shining moments. I felt rejected and I lashed out at the one person who truly cares about me. When my daughter was a two year old and she "acted out" like this I would put her in a time out. I guess that's probably where I belong tonight-in time out. Maybe we never really do grow up. Or maybe we never stop growing.

I don't know how to begin
To let myself let you in
But you maybe you could show me
There's so much more I would say
If someone showed me the way
Like you, maybe you could show me
I've been so used to getting what I want
Doing what I want to do
I've always been the one who took the lead
Now I find I need, I need to follow you
So wont' you help me come through
My future's long overdue
It's time, I think I'm ready now
And you could show me how.

Love is the hardest of woods,
Texas Fan

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I'm sure we all have needed a time out. Maybe some more than others. We are all human and have flaws. Don't let it get you down. At least you recognized it, and writing about it really helps too..

Take Care..


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