Monday, April 28, 2008

TOP TEN Favorite Posts on the Barrynet

It's been awhile since I ventured over to that zone where all things Manilow are discussed and pontificated. While I was there today I got to thinking about "the good old days" and came up with my list of favorite the tradition of Letterman:

#10-New merchandise available on Starz and/or Ebay find (with link)
#9-Notification (with link) of Barry related article or latest Manilow news online
#8-Discussion of anticipated upcoming ventures (cd's, dvd's, personal appearances)
BMIFC event discussion and/or information
#6-Discussion of any song, and/or lyrics from any Manilow album
Local fan club membership drives and/or website links
Local fan club fundraising events
Links for videos of songs and/or personal appearances
#2-Links for pictures from Las Vegas shows and arena concerts

...and the #1 Post I love to see on the Barrynet...

An INTELLIGENT show review

Texas Fan


Stephanie said...

Those were the good ole' days weren't they? I bet most newbies don't even know there are local fan clubs and much less what they do for so many charities, etc. They might be amazed to know that Barry recorded other songs than just "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed"(yes, I spelled it out as they may not know all of the abbreviations lingo used on there, especially A, B, C, D.....), and that he can play one mean piano better than he can straddle a mic stand. Wink ! We all must remember that the #1 , on top of the list discussion is how HOT! HOT ! HOT ! Barry is.....Oh yeah, he wrote all those beautiful songs over the past 30 years.. I forgot because he is just so damn HOT !!!!

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system........ I needed to that very badly...LOL.

Anonymous said...

I could almost hear the drumroll as it got to #1.

Dream on my friend. We may seem some of your top 10 every now and then but the freaks have taken over.


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