Friday, April 4, 2008

Paradise Cafe

Here's a "food for thought" discussion for you: The Paradise Cafe photo. In "The Making of 2:00AM Paradise Cafe", Barry says he was extremely adamant about the look of this photo and spent quite a bit of time setting the photo shoot up; he focused on every detail all the way down to the rose in his lapel.

What does this photo tell us about Barry? The obvious would be that he's a perfectionist. Everything about it is perfect: the clothes, his hair, the Paradise Cafe sign in the background, and the look on his face.

And what about that look? I don't think I've ever seen a more "content" Barry than in this photograph. His dream album had become a reality. He had gotten to work with his idols in the jazz community. They were the reason he got into music in the first place. The album was an original composition, allowing him to be creative and focus on the arranging of all the songs.

This photo pretty much tells us how he felt about this album.

Today seems like a 2:00AM Paradise Cafe day.
Texas Fan

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Linda M said...

Really enjoyed this blog entry. You know how I feel about Barry and Paradise Cafe. I really enjoy this picture of him. He is pure perfection.

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