Saturday, April 19, 2008

Being a misfit

I wanted to title this: "You know you're a misfit when.." because recently I've come to ponder the fact that Mr. Manilow is indeed different.

I came to realize Mr. Manilow's uniqueness recently when watching the making of the 70's CD. First clue-his fascination with the platform shoe suggesting it be used as a shoe planter and his collection of bobbleheads. Second clue-his intricately detailed explanation of the mixing of a song on his in-house studio equipment. Picture him sitting there for hours exchanging one note for the other, completely intranced in the entire process. Compulsion to that degree-incredibly unique.

Yesterday I was listening to the commentary on the Manilow Live DVD (thanks YBA for prompting me to pull this one out). He was talking about his song "All The Time" and how he's gotten more mail on that one song than any of his others. He also talked about how so many organizations have adopted it as their theme song. He was most surprised that MENSA was one of them. He said, "imagine, the smartest people in the world, and they feel like misfits". I guess it's universal. If you are different and unique
, you feel like a misfit. You feel like you don't fit in, even if you might be one of the smartest or most talented men in the world of music.

So here's my new thesaurus synonyms for the word misfit: unique, special, talented, different, blessed, methodical, revolutionary, intellectual, perfectionistic, passionate and extraordinary. Not too shabby for a guy with platform shoes, a tight fitting sparkly shirt, lanky legs, "Sanjaya" hair and a catalog of music that would put even the coolest hep cat to shame.

From a grateful misfit herself,
Texas Fan

(Note: the photo is from Scooter Talk credited as being from the Showstoppers Tourbook-thanks :>)

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Kristen said...

thanks for posting this. your thesaurus synonyms for Misfit, made me feel really special even though they weren't direct at me.

I love your blog, it's very inspirational.


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